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Nico Rosberg Fans
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17th July 2007 20:05 - Nico's notes from Silverstone
dance - waltz overaway
This is from the AT&T Williams website; it's all done in flash and I can't link to it so I've copied it here instead:

Nico's notes from SilverstoneCollapse )

There's also a chance to win the pair of gloves that Nico wore at Magny-Cours, well worth checking out!
22nd June 2006 11:43 - Nico Picspam
dance - waltz overaway
With only a few days until Canada, I thought it was a good time for a Nico picspam. Not that there's really a bad time for a Nico picspam ;)

11 picsCollapse )

Here's hoping he does well in Canada. *crosses fingers*
18th May 2006 08:08 - Welcome!
dance - waltz overaway
Hi everyone!

This is a community for Nico Rosberg fans to meet and discuss this talented young driver. Welcome :)

There's a few things to bear in mind when posting:
- Feel free to post Nico-related news, pictures, icons, wallpapers and other fun things. We encourage this!
- Please do not post fiction (there are plenty of other communities for this).
- Please use an lj-cut for any large graphics, long posts or more than 3 icons.
- Please lj-cut qualifying and race spoilers for those who can't watch the coverage live. Also please watch your subject lines (no point in cutting the spoilers if your "OMG Nico won!" or "What a crash!" subject line is going to give it all away *g*).
- If you want to advertise any F1-related communities or sites, then please make a Nico-centric post and add the small advert at the end (i.e. not the advert first with to make this legal and a pic/icon tacked on at the end). The main topic of the post should still be Nico.

And that's it. Feel free to introduce yourselves and post away!

If you have any comments or questions then contact mod lauralaitaine.
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