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Nico Rosberg Fans
Nico's official website 
10th April 2008 11:07
f1 - nico - hehe
Nico's official website is finally up and running!


For the past two years, the website has simply been a placeholder image with a small bit of text promising that a website will be forthcoming, but it never appeared.... until now.

It's a beautiful site, very nicely put together; although it's a little sparse on information! There's some very pretty pictures though - check out the downloads section, there's some really gorgeous desktops to download.

Enjoy :)
10th April 2008 10:37 (UTC)
thank you for info .. some of the pics are *guh, thud* lol.
10th April 2008 10:57 (UTC)
Aren't they just! Mmmmmm, yes.
10th April 2008 11:30 (UTC)
Looks nice :)
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