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Nico Rosberg Fans
[nice job kid!] 
3rd April 2008 01:58
Hey guys!

Didn't find the WilliamsF1 community & guess it doesn't even exist so I joined this gang. Not sure if I am a fan of Nico, but I am really a fan of Williams Team (always have, always will lol, no matter how much they suck) and erm... comparing with the second driver of ours (what is his surname? dunno how to spell it. It's long and complicated lol), Nico is MY MAN))))

I have a T-shirt with Williams Logos and sponsors and Nico's name sumwhere on the shoulder. As long as they didn't have simple Williams T-Shirts in the shop, I guess, I joined the list of Nico's fans))) He's doing great. His 3rd place in Australia was pretty amazing. Good job, kid!))
3rd April 2008 05:35 (UTC)
it's "Nakajima", lol. Well, welcome to this comunitty but soon you'll find out that it's quite dead here, lol. I hope we'll be able to revive it but me and the girl who founded it are the only two people posting and commenting here, I guess. Never mind. I'm looking forward to chat with you and hey, feel free to look over my lj, I post some picspams and stuff that you might like. My journal is not friends-locked.

Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you have anything to post about Nico/Williams, please, do.

3rd April 2008 08:16 (UTC)
thanks) I was always almost sure that Nakajima is written like this)).

anyway, communities with not a lot of ppl inside are quite cozy.) and thanks for inviting me to ur lj, I'll definitely go check it out 2day.)
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