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Nico's birthday messages

It's Nico's birthday on sunday and his webteam are organising a surprise birthday card for him. They're asking fans to send in images containing their birthday wishes for Nico and they plan to compile them all into an enormous card and hand it to him on sunday - seems like quite a fun idea, I think! If you want to send your message then check out the website before sunday!
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German Grand Prix

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It's clear he's really enjoying the season and loving his car right now. He was interviewed on the BBC post-race show and he was asked which of the upcoming tracks he thought would suit the car best, and he said all of them. He said that whenever he comes to a new track, whatever it is, the car feels great now, which hasn't happened for the past couple of years. And I imagine that if he has that confidence in the car, then he's able to push that little bit more and it's really paying off for him!

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Spain: Friday practice

Nico topped the timesheets in the second Friday practice! Kazuki came in second, and both drivers did well in the first practice as well, so it looks like the Williams cars are looking strong here. Here's hoping that their performance stays this strong throughout the weekend; the practice sessions promise so much and never deliver come race day.

From Friday practice - selected team and driver quotes:
Nico Rosberg, P1 - 1:22.667, 6th; P2 - 1:21.588, 1st
"Today was our first run with the new aero components on the car and they all seemed to work well. They're giving us a few tenths extra per lap so we've made definite progress. Everyone has brought new developments here though so we will see how things look in qualifying. We also ran some tyre compares today. It's not obvious which direction will be the right one, so strategy is going to be very important and will have a major impact on the race."
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Bahrain: Friday Practice

Good news from today's practice sessions. Nico came 4th in the first practice and 1st in the second. I hope this translates to a strong race pace too. He's done incredibly well in the practice sessions so far this season, and reasonably well in qualifying, but the races have been disappointing after his times earlier in the weekend. Here's hoping that this weekend goes better!

From Friday practice - selected team and driver quotes:
Nico Rosberg, P1 - 1:34.227, 4th; P2 - 1:33.339, 1st
"You can only ever compare your performance to other race weekends so, relatively, I think we are looking ok. We've done a lot of set-up work today and I am quite happy with everything so we've made good progress. The team brought some new parts to Bahrain and they seem to be working well so thanks to our aero guys for their continuing hard work in developing the car. I am really convinced that we will be able to do something positive at this race and to get the points that the car is worth."
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Australia: Friday Practice

Nico has topped the timesheets in both of the friday practice sessions! What a great to start to the season!

From Friday practice - selected team and driver quotes:
Nico Rosberg, P1 - 1:26.687, 1st; P2 - 1:26.053, 1st
In both sessions sector two was working particularly well. There are only two 'real' corners in the sector, but it's really interesting and it feels good in the car. The FW31 is well balanced all round the track, but seems even more so there than in any other places. After a winter of testing, it's good to get out on a new, fresh track and we seem to be in a better position than we thought.

There's also the following news pages, if anyone's interested:
Practice One - Rosberg heads a Williams one-two
Practice Two - Williams lead Brawn and Toyota, as big guns struggle
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Interview with Nico and Kazuki

There's an interesting interview up at the Williams F1 website with Nico and Kazuki. They talk about the changes to the cars and hopes and expectations for this season. It also seems that a lot of drivers are trying to lose weight because of the heavy KERS system that's being introduced this year. Nico's looking pretty slim as it is, surely he can't afford to lose much more!

Anyway, I've copied the article in full behind the cut.

From the Williams AT&T website:

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Nico interview

There's a short interview at Formula1.com: Exclusive interview - Williams’ Nico Rosberg.

He talks about podiums, Barcelona, his hopes for the season and a little bit about his father.

I think this was my favourite part:
I have to say it was amazing to stand on the podium for the first time in F1. Last time I was up there was almost three years ago in GP2, but I still wasn't expecting a podium at all in the first race, as I thought we would end up in seventh or eighth position and get a couple of points. It was a big step up for me personally.

Oh yeah! I'm still not tired of looking at those podium pics!
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Nico's official website

Nico's official website is finally up and running!


For the past two years, the website has simply been a placeholder image with a small bit of text promising that a website will be forthcoming, but it never appeared.... until now.

It's a beautiful site, very nicely put together; although it's a little sparse on information! There's some very pretty pictures though - check out the downloads section, there's some really gorgeous desktops to download.

Enjoy :)