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11th March 2009 12:56 - Interview with Nico and Kazuki
f1 - nico - green
There's an interesting interview up at the Williams F1 website with Nico and Kazuki. They talk about the changes to the cars and hopes and expectations for this season. It also seems that a lot of drivers are trying to lose weight because of the heavy KERS system that's being introduced this year. Nico's looking pretty slim as it is, surely he can't afford to lose much more!

Anyway, I've copied the article in full behind the cut.

From the Williams AT&T website:

Interview with Nico and KazukiCollapse )
17th July 2007 20:05 - Nico's notes from Silverstone
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This is from the AT&T Williams website; it's all done in flash and I can't link to it so I've copied it here instead:

Nico's notes from SilverstoneCollapse )

There's also a chance to win the pair of gloves that Nico wore at Magny-Cours, well worth checking out!
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